LINKS!, "It's dot com!"
a retarded paraplegic and his adventures with his gang of awkward friends... enjoyable flash animation for all!

Sean Baby... the funniest fucking guy on the internet
"You should know that some pussies have been known to find sarcasm and bad words confusing and offensive. If so, I, your sexual fantasy from the future, advise you to find a new source of free comedy, caveman."

SixPackOfJesus [10:08 PM]: Killallthewhiteman is based on the premise that absolutely anyone deserves a voice, regardless of talent or coherence. It is terrible and brilliant, often at the same time. 

T h e R e d E y e . n e t
"TheRedEye might choose his words a little more carefully as all ages read this forum and he's coming off like a 13 year old who hasn't realized he can get his point across more intelligently without using such ridiculous phrases as 'Ass shit bastard blowjob.'"

Awkwardly entertaining... do you like ROM's?  Do you like San Antonio communication major boys who have an affinity for live journals and dance-dance gaming machines?  GO HERE!  Part of the "awesome" network.

Theseus and the Minotaur
Do you like logic puzzles?  Well my friends did until they gave me the link to this online series of logic puzzles, and I finished all of them while they got irritated and quit around puzzle six.  Either I am superior... or really sad.

Welcome to the Raelian Revolution
So I am sitting at U.N.L.V. enjoying my lunch when I get a flyer from some weird ass.  From that moment on, my life was changed.  Aliens are our MASTERS!  WE MUST BUILD THE EMBASSY! ...AND WE REALLY NEED TO CLONE EACH OTHER.... for some reason.

Donkey Lips from "Salute your Shorts" had a homepage...
It's so lame for SO MANY reasons, maybe one day he'll update it again, and we can all be merry! 

A Visit from... Mr. Winkle!
the name really says it all, once it flies at you... you are really left speechless. 

Ramblings of a Las Vegas Ska Girl
Melisska... a good friend, an interesting friend, what more can I say?  Go to her site if you want to gain insight on the female mind.

San Diego International Comic Convention
A nerd's wet dream, DO YOU LIKE COMICS?  Well if you're serious about it, and you can afford a cheap week long road trip, I'll see you there!

The Burning Man Project
Non-stop thumping in the background, a gift economy, many naked people, a night of fire, and more alcohol than you can shake a stick at.


The HALL of FALLEN Nick Show helpers!
Initially on the website, I had DC's Earth 53's Legionnaires helping to show people how to navigate my site... this is their story.

GOD a.k.a. The Ultimate Tooth and his archived news
Uncensored, Unedited, Accidentally saved on my hard drive.  Some of it gets kind of depressing, but HEY MAN, thems was the past!  The funniest part to me is when I actually thought I was going to make a Nick Show movie out of a road trip that never took place.

The actual closet... in all it's glory!
Basically all my previous titles, banners, and other archaic images initially used in this sites infancy.

The MST3K Cave
Here lies all the pictures from BAD IDEA #1... making a fan site that I never would complete, on a site I always had trouble completing.

BAD IDEA #2... I thought HEY!  Let's have more stuff I never complete... it did have a neat part of it that would kill you if you hung out too long, outside of that, I got nothing else to say.

The Quizlets and Earthworm Jim makes a cameo
I like to prove to myself that people come to my site, and I QUIZZED THE MOTHER FUCKERS!