One day, 1 million Billys will join forces and rule the universe in an action packed drama known only as The Attack of the Clones.
This is special guest Billy Berkey.  He is from another dimension, and adds his other worldly humor to the show to give it a sort of universality.  So the Turkey-2 humor doesn't push any possible viewers away.  Billy is really talented when it comes to art, and the art of lovemaking.  I have a lot of personal experience with one of them... I conveniently forget which one at the moment. (THAT WAS A JOKE!)  Regardless if you must know I am not full of shit look at THIS!  Freehand and shit... that cat draws like MAGIC!  it's a rough draft mothah fuckah!  So yeah, here is what he looks like, and then some.


"Artistic Interpretations"