Well I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 and even though I didn't think it was possible, I am now more disgusted with America then I was before.  Basically if you consider yourself an American, and plan on voting in November, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE.  There are so many things in this film that actually occurred over the past four years that the American public is not aware of, it's sickening.  Disagree?  Have a valid, logical argument?  E-MAIL ME BITCH! "Double Dribble!"


The 7th Annual St. Jean Baptiste Day came and apparently went... I was in Northern California w/Chantel's family kayaking, wine tasting, watching seals & raccoons, and just hanging out.  How did you spend your St. Jean Baptiste Day?  Sorry about flaking out on the site, once the spring semester ended I decided to have a two week break and then BAM summer school.  Which will be over in a week and a half.  There is still so much I would like to do on this site, and I have finally gotten over the fact that I am not aware of who comes here and when... if you are here then good-day, if not... oh well.  Six Feet Under is as awesome as expected, and I have yet to see the much anticipated Fahrenheit 9/11 before the equally anticipated Spiderman 2.  After watching Firefly I have now seen every episode of everything Whedonesque.  Well I should go study for the exam after work tomorrow.  The new job is still hella working out.  Yippie for better career choices!!!  Oh shit yeah, Chantel and I were on TV on the Carson Daily show on 6/11... we were at a live taping of the show to go see Dane CookCheck it out!  "BREAR!!! dun dun dun dun-dun dun dun dun dun dun-dun..."


Well, it seems about that time for the obligatory, "I'm not dead" news update.  So for those of us taking notes... I am not dead... Angel's last episode is Wednesday and that is sad (4 months ago I could give a shit), but Season 4 of Six Feet Under starts in June and that is good!  The Six Feet Under is also cursed...  So yeah school is out for summer, but I am taking summer school, cause I want to graduate by Fall 2005.  I have a puppy and his name is Spike Beagle, named after you-know-who.  What else?  Ummm... NOTHING!!! "Skate or Die, DIE-DIE-DIE-DIE-DIE!!!"


Blame this update on the Tetons.... or Frank, or Frank's SA friend Sydney who took the picture.  Twice a year is pinball fun night at this dude's warehouse.  I actually talked about it last year in this article.  Anywho so, as I was last year; I went there again and we had a drunk'n great time playing PaperBoy.  To actually become the PaperBoy you had to take out the Two Skinheads brawling, as well as the Pimp.  Only Sid who created the rules of the game was able to accomplish this task.  Anywho because of the pic and because I never really liked the Karaoke ones, they are gone and that is up... on the front page.  Enjoy, if... you... dare!!! "OOOhhh BABY!  I want to show you, where my love goes, Baby!  I want to get it all over you, all over you, all over you!  Take a stroll on down to my love, and I will meet you there.  I hope you have a big appetite, cause I want you, I want you to, take a bite, of my love, my love, my love, baby my love, my love, awwww."


OK well I found motivation through being slightly sick.  So I added the Burning Man 2003 page, and decided against my cruise picture page.  The only people that really want to see that stuff went on the cruise... and maybe their future children, maybe.  So on top of that updating I also started in on the Season 2 Episode Guide... as long as I keep it up it will be going through some drastic revisions.  Some times something that seemed like a good idea last year doesn't stand the test of time.  So check it out, or don't... my guess is if you wait, it will be much more entertaining when it is actually completed... "I didn't lie and I ain't sayin' I told the whole truth... I didn't know that this game we were playing even went by a set of rules."


The new job is fucking awesome... Retail is worth leaving on every level, I'll say it again.  Also check out... I think they're really good, and I went to high school with his sister, so there!  What else, MODEST MOUSE VIDEO!!! (HINT:: I think the sun is an owl and the flowers are hummingbirds)  ...and well, I guess that's all I got.  I mean there is more, so much more to say, but is it interesting?  I think not!  "Convince me... Convince me I shouldn't give up on another friendly meeting... I drink a lot, but it takes a lot to take away the sting..."


So how was February for me?  Well just like I watched all that Buffy I decided to watch Season 3, and then the entire Angel series.  I know I have a problem, and there is really nothing I can do about it.  I finally quit CompUSA after 3 years of... more retail then I care to speak of, and I will go on to work as Senior Systems Tech at a small Las Vegas business, RNI.  Other then starting to read God bless you, Mr. Rosewater, I figured I would update this site with some pictures I got developed.  More will come, I just need... umm... motivation!  "We roll 'em up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge!  hehehe hahahaHAHAHAHA!"


Sick... again... and it wasn't fun because it  hurt to swallow, [ENTER COCK SUCKING JOKE HERE]  So!  Why update, you wonder???  Well, first off because of this, which can be found here, which was recently updated for the new album that this is on, and all of this makes me happy... smile happy...  :-)  I promise I will never do that again. "Everybody's running when the circus comes into their towns... everybody's gunning for the likes of the Killer Klowns... from Outer Space... Killer Klow-wow-wow-wow- oohns... from Outer Space... JOCKO!"


Well just like last year I disappeared from this bullshit to enjoy my winter break.  I watched Buffy - The Vampire Slayer Season's 4-7, I played a little Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Simpsons: Hit & Run, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  So yeah I was a shut-in for most of my break... oh yeah... I rocked the fucking house at Balcony Lights as an official member of The Heart Attacks.  Check it out!

So yeah I played my first show, and check out this review!!  So the new school semester has started... I have tons of comic books to read... and work is driving me nuts, so I'll try to finish my projects that I have started here on the website, and check in to say "HI!"  It will just be odd and sporadic... like always.  "I don't know me and you don't know you, so we fit so good together cause I knew you like I knew myself."


Sick... and it's not fun... at least I don't feel guilty calling into work when I'm sick... so that's always refreshing... however I missed my dentist appointment, DRAT!  Well, since my news entries are over a year old now, I have decided to start deleting what has passed 365 days... so farewell Eagles quote, Perfect Blue clip, and Bright Eyes quotes... we will always remember your contribution to giving this site 110%.  Also I am running low on server space, so I figure I should do my part to save me from having to expand or switch web-hosters.  "I'm gonna serve it to you... and that ain't what you want to hear, but that's what I'll do..."


Well, fuck this has been a crazy year... New Years happens and I reunite Billy and Robert and immediately thereafter Billy breaks his feet... We all go to Disneyland with Billy in a wheelchair, I become a writer for my college newspaper for a while... Chantel and I go to Universal Studios, then to Walt Disney World and a cruise in the Bahamas... The San Diego Comic-Con, I move out of my parents house AGAIN, then Burning Man... Frank's C.G.E. Party, and then the Las Vegas Comic-Con, Chantel and I go to Disneyland AGAIN!  I have also started playing the Bass, and have a new tattoo.  Right now out of the four classes I took this Fall semester I have 3 A's... YIPPY!!!  So... now finally after many months I have decided to put up the page for the 2003 San Diego ComicCON... you can access it by clicking the link right there, or by going to Pictures of People... which you will see links for the Disney Cruise and Burning Man 2003 that currently do not work... what does this mean?!?!?  NEW UPDATES FOOL!  "Heh-heh-heh... BANG!!!"


Yeah... so I was gone for a while...  saw modest mouse and that was amazing, had finals and that went rather well... still waiting for grades but it appears to have been a smooth ride.  Became 22... yeah, now I am truly in my twenties and must make the most of myself or I'll die alone and unloved.  HA-HA-HA!  Umm... what else? Compare this and this... also hilarious!  Oh yeah, I actually added content to the site... a new front picture commemorating my 22nd birthday party and the most intense music EVER to accompany it.  Refresh and you'll discover the magic... and yes the tattoos are real, BITCH! "TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE GOLD... BITCH!!!"


So I made a recent discovery... Hank informed me of this awhile ago, but I didn't have proof until today.  So getting a new tattoo is looking to be a higher priority on my list.  So I am deciding to make another "failed nick contest."  It's easy, look at this, and then FUCKING E-MAIL ME, your pick-of-the-litter.  If there is enough of a response to one design over another then you might influence my decision making processes.  ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!?!?  I thought not...  Also just saw Dane Cook.... fucking amazing!  "standing... in the tall grass... thinking nothing... you know... we need oxygen to breath... oxygen to breath..."


Yeah well school, work, living, and other functions have consumed my life... as a result I have been spending less time online, and more time with... other functions.  Regardless due to demands of this and that, I am doing an "I'm still alive update"  Modest Mouse is playing Las Vegas on 11/06/03 which has me excited, I have 3 new tattoo ideas that will hopefully become real very soon, there is a Las Vegas Comic-Con this Halloween weekend, and hey look at that... it is Halloween any day now!  Yippy!  I still have cruise, comic-con pics, burning man pics, ian's wedding pics, and SO MUCH MORE to put on this site... I just need to find time and motivation for all that!  So what did I update?  A new pic of Hank is in the Pics o' people section.  I know it's not much but at least you got something for October.  "uh I can explain that!  See it used to be milk, and... well... time makes fools of us all!"


Well school has started for me again, the man did burn, and I have completed a huge site update...  "Huge?!?" you ask.  Yes, huge for when you go to the main site in addition to the ever-changing pictures there are now songs to accompany them.  One special picture alone has three, count 'em!  3 songs!  That's right brothers and sisters... so go to the front of the site, listen, revisit, listen, reload, listen, revolutions?  Tell me what you think, aye?  Aye!  "...and if there's anything good about me...  I'm the only one who knows..."


It's not really deserving of a news update but the Episode Reviews picture has been updated to one of me on the cruise.  I wasn't a fan of the previous one but I feel this is some semblance of an improvement.  I like this one... yep.  See I told you it wasn't that deserving of a news update... but I figures I needs to updates somethins!  Oh yeah.... THE MAN WILL BURN IN 9 DAYS! "...have a doctor come and visit us...  and tell us which one is sane!"


Hey... so there is a new picture on the main page.  Taken from the 2003 pictures of the San Diego ComicCON.  It is my favorite picture of the whole set because we were sitting at a "How to design and build your own spaceship" seminar.  We didn't realize it would be filled with many children... however we did learn that in Star Wars, even though it's a galaxy far, far away; the reason there are humans is because... (GET THIS!)  THE ACTORS ARE HUMANS!!!  Also I resized all the video clips on the site because I use 1280x1024 now and they were way too small.  "...and I  find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad... the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had."


Well I decided to take a month-a-way from this shit...  Needless to say this time it is not because of Vice City...  no this time it is because of the San Diego Comic-CON and because I moved from one part of my city to another.  "Why?" you ask.  Well it is simple, I decided I should screw myself up financially, throw caution to the wind, and move-in with Chantel again.  I still had new pics in the works... but I am getting into the areas of the show that I actually like... so I am getting overwhelmed with clip and picture ideas.  Anywho I shall be updating shortly at least to show you the San Diego 2003 pictures.... I hope they turned out like they originally did in my mind.  Well I would apologize for my absence...  but no one seemed to care... "When Cameron was in Egypt land...  Let my Cameron goooooo!"